Medicaid Planning

The cost of nursing-home care is on the rise and can be financially devastating! In Georgia—in 2016, the average nursing home was anywhere from $6000 or more per month. Therefore, to protect everything you have worked your life to accumulate, or even to leave as a legacy for your family, may be at jeopardy if you or your spouse enter a nursing home. Medicaid planning involves designing a plan that protects and shelters your assets from the huge expense incurred when receiving long-term care in a nursing

home, and from the mandatory spend down of assets. Essentially, I counsel families on Medicaid planning to involve protecting their assets and the proper way to “spend-down” assets to qualify for long-term-care Medicaid benefits. If you are without long term care benefits and there is a potential for nursing home care in your future, it is vital that you call me at (404) 260-1901 for counsel in these matters.