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Welcome to Thomas Walters Estate Planning, where decades of experience allow us to help individuals and families just like you to achieve peace of mind with estate planning to preserve your legacy and protect your loved ones. 

At Thomas Walters Estate Planning, we develop comprehensive estate plans and estate planning strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs, family structures, relationship dynamics, current circumstances, and future goals.

You do not have to go through the process alone. Whether you need to create an estate plan, or update an estate plan you already have in place, our attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate your situation and guide you through legal strategies that will most benefit you and your family. 


  • Preserve your legacy by minimizing taxes and simplifying administration of the estate.  
  • Protect your loved ones by instituting a Revocable Trust, Health Care Powers of Attorney, Last Will and Testaments, and Durable Financial Powers of Attorneys.  
  • Offer straightforward solutions to the difficult and emotionally taxing probate process.  


Experience: We have over 60 years of experience helping clients determine what they need and creating individualized estate plans. No matter who you are or what you hope to achieve with your estate plan, we have the experience to handle your request.  

Education: We believe in a continual evolution of education and foster growth amongst members of our firm by encouraging ongoing training and education from leaders and experts in the industry. This enables us to utilize the latest legal strategies for our clients’ benefit.  

Focus: We dedicate all our firm’s resources to the practice of Estate Planning and areas of law that overlap with Estate Planning in order to provide clients with specialized knowledge and experience.  

Simplicity: Estate planning is a vast specialty that includes a number of complex legal and tax issues. At TW Estate Planning, we break them down to a level that is easily understood. 

Dedication: The TW Estate Planning team is committed to creating individualized estate plans for each client. Whether your goal is to avoid probate and unnecessary taxes, simplify an estate settlement, prevent and/or manage nursing home poverty, protect family members from losing any of their inheritance, or simply to get your affairs in order, our attorneys can make it happen.   

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What our clients say

“We initially expected the development of an estate plan was going to be difficult and complicated. Thanks to your firm, the guidance provided was stress-free and completed with ease. We highly recommend Thomas Walters Law and your practice to others.”
-George & Rachel Weir, Bolivar, TN
"When we attended the seminar given by Leslie we were very impressed with her presentation in language all of us could understand. It was very helpful that Leslie gave us real life examples to get her information across. Leslie impressed us with her professionalism, knowledge and patience in answering people’s questions. Her sincerity about the seriousness of people planning their estates and what happens if one thinks they have plenty of time and don’t do anything hit each and every one of us at her seminar. We appreciated the fact that Leslie did not use “high pressure” tactics to get our business. She gave her presentation, told everyone about her flat rate fee that is good for a lifetime and then let everyone at the seminar decide what avenue they wanted to pursue."

When we met with her, after filing the information forms she asked for, we thought we had done all our homework but we were amazed at all the “if’s, and’s and but’s” you never consider to apply to the aftermath of a life well lived. Leslie truly walks you through all the details one needs to learn in order to “custom” one’s estate plan. Leslie is very knowledgeable in the laws governing estates. She listens to her clients’ needs and concerns to help them establish an estate plan that will be complete and give one peace of mind. Leslie and her team are very quick to assist you with any question or problems you may have. We highly recommend Leslie Thomas and her staff for all you estate planning needs.
Thank you so very much for all of your help! The cost of this service was involved! It’s a “one stop shop”. Leslie Thomas is speedy, efficient, knowledgeable and reliable. She has a great sense of humor and is so easy to talk to when dealing with matters that are usually “not so fun” to speak of. She has a great response time in returning phone calls, texts and emails.

For married couples, she has a “2 for 1 price” that’s even a better deal!

I am an extremely satisfied client.
-Eileen Montgomery
“We appreciate the extra effort that Justin Crain provided to us in the short time that he had to complete our trust documents. Justin took plenty of time to answer all of our questions that we had concerning our estate in a kind and patient manner. We would definitely recommend Justin for estate planning.”
-Lloyd and Janet Jones. Richardson, Texas.
“I have been very satisfied with Mr. John Stevens with his experience & knowledge in preparing our family trust and other documents that we needed. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who is in need of having this done.”
-Rachel Weaver, Vanleer, TN -Joyce Sykes, McEwen, TN
Nancy and I were extremely appreciative of the assistance we’ve received in establishing our Trust. We thought we had everything we needed with our prepared Wills but learned we were sorely deficient in planning. We’ve learned a lot and the process has helped us to organize our records and important documents as well. Thanks so much. The expense was worth the results.
— William and Nancy Wright, Stone Mountain, GA.
Leslie Thomas is someone you would definitely want in your corner. She is personable, dependable, knowledgeable and highly intelligent. Leslie answered every phone call and email in a prompt manner. Very Impressive! We feel extremely confident and relaxed, knowing that we have chosen someone of her caliber to handle this endeavor. Leslie is awesome and we highly recommend her.
To whom it may concern,
After hearing Leslie’s estate planning presentation, it was clear that we needed help to prepare for the inevitable and make the transition as easy and cost effective as possible for our children when the time comes. Had many questions and Leslie took the time to personally answer them all. She even consulted with our financial planner to assure a comprehensive estate plan. We especially like and appreciate the Estate Planning Portfolio provided by Leslie, which contains all of our estate planning documents and step-by-step instructions for our children.

Leslie made the entire estate planning process simple and easy to understand. Thanks to Leslie, we now have the peace of mind knowing that our children will be able to settle our estate quickly, with ease and save thousands of dollars in the process.

We highly recommend the estate planning services of Leslie Thomas!
-Charles Horn
I am very pleased with the services of Leslie Thomas and her staff. Each call or email was answered promptly and with the utmost professionalism. Leslie is knowledgeable and made a tedious responsibility a pleasant experience. I would recommend her Estate Planning Service without reservations.
-Sharon Gillespie
We were extremely satisfied with Leslie’s service to us. We attended the seminar one evening and immediately felt confident in her knowledge and advice for what we had been concerned about for years and didn’t know the direction we should take. The process was seamless and easy. We would recommend Leslie Thomas to anyone needing help and advice to get affairs in order. She is a wonderful asset.
-Peggy Ferrell
We were very pleased with our estate planning experience with Leslie Thomas. The complete package of trusty and other estate directives was prepared quickly and all questions were answered to our satisfaction. She made the entire process very easy, and we would highly recommend her for your estate planning needs.
-Dave and Charlotte Sundstrom
Ms. Thomas was very professional, through and was able to handle the establishment of our trust plan in a very effective manner. I was very fortunate to have Ms. Thomas handle my trust and I would highly recommend her to any of my colleagues.
-Suhail Sharif, MD
We delayed having a will or estate planning done for years. Last month we received the Estate Planning invitation in the mail from Thomas Walters Law. We attended Leslie Thomas’ presentation regarding estate planning. She explained the process in about an hour, gave us a 35-page guide called “Estate Planning in Texas”, and provided several payment options. We liked the “life-time” changes at no extra charge. We gathered the info Leslie needed to draft our trust document, met with her for two hours. She answered our questions and concerns. We called Leslie with changes, she was always ready to accommodate and advise. She had the documents ready for us to review, change if necessary, and sign in about a week. We would recommend Leslie and her firm to people who need professional trust/wills.
-Norman and Bettye Pomykal
We are pleased and satisfied with the services provided by Leslie Thomas. She and her staff took care of all our estate planning needs in an efficient and timely manner. It is a huge relief to have our affairs in order!
-Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Slaughter
“Leslie was wonderful to work with for all of my estate planning. She really listened to my needs and concerns. She explained everything in terms that I could understand. I wholeheartedly recommend Leslie Thomas for all of your estate planning needs.”
-Linda Sawicki
“Estate planning is never easy or fun. Leslie Thomas and her staff made it as easy as possible. It took less than four weeks from seminar to delivery of our portfolio. Everything is well organized and in layman’s terms.”
-Pappas Family
“Thomas Walters as truly been a blessing to our family in preparing, planning, and maintaining or estate for the future. Everyone was personal, professional, and knowledgeable. They truly went above and beyond in addressing our needs and explained legal terms in understandable language. We are very pleased and feel secure that our future is well planned!”
-Patsy and Donald Moore
“Totally professional...but regular people! TV and regular lawyers tend to intimidate. Thomas Walters keeps things simple, but they make sure you understand everything. After completing our last session signing everything, my wife and I left the office with feelings of relief and smiles. Also, at Thomas Walters, there is a feeling of mutual respect on both sides.”
-Gerald and Doris Goodwin
“We attended a seminar given by Thomas Walters. It was presented in such an informative way, that ninety-eight percent of our questions were answered. Everyone we dealt with was very professional and courteous. We would recommend this firm to anyone. Thanks for all you have done to help us in our estate planning.”
-J. John Haydel
“The knowledge that our kids won’t have to settle our estate when we pass away gives us a peace of mind. With both of us having step-children, we know that planning our estate now none of our children will be left behind, and the children will have fewer problems. Thank you for your services. We are very satisfied for the knowledge that our estate planning is done and our wishes will be carried out.”
-Bryan and Lisa Brown
“We expected the development of an estate plan to be difficult and complicated. Thanks to your firm, the guidance provided was stress-free and completed with ease. We highly recommend Thomas Walters and your practice to others.”
-George and Rachel Weir
“We were hesitant to attend the seminar, thinking that the development of an estate plan was going to be difficult, time-consuming and complicated. However, Leslie Thomas walked us through each step of the process. Everyone at the firm was professional and the entire planning process was stress-free. We are comfortable knowing we have a “Lawyer for Life” in Leslie Thomas and her firm.”
-Scott and Allyson Davis
“Justin Crain is the best choice for estate planning. He possesses all the skills necessary to help each client fully understand what steps they need to take in order to achieve their personal goals.”
–Gary C. Honeycutt, Member of the Texas State Bar since 1966. Richardson, Texas
“I have been very satisfied with Mr. John Stevens with his experience & knowledge in preparing our family trust and other documents that we needed. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who is in need of having this done.”
-Rachel Weaver, Vanleer, TN -Joyce Sykes, McEwen, TN
“I was very satisfied with the service I received on my estate planning. Mr. Stevens was very helpful.”
-Robert Stephens, Charlotte, TN
“ … I want to say thank you for your help. The day I attended your workshop on Irrevocable Trust, I was pleased to realize you were a former student of mine. I knew I could trust you based on my knowledge of you as a young man in school. Your presentation was professional and informative. I was impressed and made an appointment to follow through on making a trust. My son came with me to our first private meeting. He was impressed with you and your knowledge…good to know that you will keep me informed of in changes in how involved in trust and that I can contact you for any changes I might need to make in the future. I will highly recommend you and your firm to anyone I know who wants to protect their assets. Thank you again for helping me make it easier on my son in settling my estate.”
-Eloise Bradley, Gallatin, TN
“ 1st– Seminar held in pleasant and spacious venue with very interesting facts about trust. Also the opportunity to choose from menu with delicious food pleasantly presented. 2nd– John and wife both friendly and polite throughout the process. 3rd– Information given and answers to question very informative and knowledgeable. 4th– John very interested in family’s reason for trust and dynamics of all involved (family members). This was very important in setting up the matter desired in the trust.”
-The Solbergs, Jackson, TN
“I was very satisfied with the service I received on my estate planning. Mr. Stevens was very helpful.”
-Jimmy & Martha Stewart, Franklin, TN
“Mr. Stevens helped to provide security of our home, so our children don’t get caught up in the probate system. This was a quick, professional and private service provided by an ultimate professional.”
-Susan & David D’Angelo, Dickson, TN
“Let it be known to all it may concern, Klaus & Norma Glueck are total satisfied with the professionalism and experience in the way you handled our trust. We will recommend you and your services to all others who may be in need of such.”
-Klaus & Norma Glueck, Bolivar, TN
“My wife and I decided we needed to make some financial plans for our waning years. Making an appointment with an attorney was not something we were excited about, this is why our meeting with Mr. Stevens was so refreshing. Mr. Stevens made us feel at ease as he answered all our legal questions and advised us regarding our estate planning. Mr. Stevens also made us feel as people as well as a client. We not only discussed wills and trust, we also discussed baseball, current events, even our favorite Christmas desserts. We entered his office looking for a good lawyer. We left feeling we had found a good friend.”
-Virgil & Jolene Roberts, Kenton, TN
“My wife and I were considering having our estate put in a trust. Recently we received information to attend an estate planning meeting with John Stevens. His knowledge of what we wanted and needed was a great relief for us. His presentation was excellent and easy to understand. We recommend John Stevens for any estate planning needs you may have.”
-James & Jackye Stanfield, Bon Aqua, TN
“It’s good that you in your law practice specialize in Planning and Settling Estates. Our experience to date exceeds expectations! We like your informal approach in sharing your knowledge.”
-Donald & Faye Spann, Burns, TN
“For a long time we knew we needed to make plans for the future of our estate. We were concerned about the cost of probate, and possible nursing home take care. We heard John Stevens speak at a seminar. We were impressed with his knowledge and honesty. John sis an Irrevocable Living Trust for us. We are pleased and know if any issues come up in the future, John would be there for us. It is reassuring to know we have an estate attorney for life at no additional cost.”
-Ewing & June Haley, Collierville, TN
-Maxey & Faye Spence, Bartlett, TN
“John was very helpful in explaining the Trust process to us. He was very patient. He was considerate when he changed meeting rooms for my wife on our last meeting. She uses a walker and is unsteady on stairs.”
-Harry & Linda Warren, Oakland, TN
“I was very pleased with this law firm and the handling of my estate planning. All my questions were answered to my satisfaction and I would advise anyone if you get a chance to hear one of the presentations to go-you’ll be glad that you did.”
-Janette Singleton, Cedar Grove, TN
“For several years we felt that we needed to put our assets into a Trust. We attended a seminar by John Stevens and we knew that is what we should do as soon as possible. We went through the process and were well pleased with John taking time to answer all our questions. He and his staff were very professional and friendly to deal with. We would very much recommend John stevens and his staff for setting up a Trust.”
-James & Betty Strayhorn, Dyersburg, TN
“Mr. Stevens’ work is thorough and he takes the time to explain the many options involved in estate planning.”
-Hugh & Rhetta Youmans, Humboldt, TN
“We wanted to protect our home and investments for the future benefit of our children. We were very concerned about the high costs and delays of Probate and possible nursing home takeover. John Stevens and his staff were highly recommended to us in the field of estate planning. We found John to be very well informed and professional. He drew up a plan of action that met all of our concerns. We can now rest easy knowing our estate is protected for future use of our children.”
-Joe & Ruth Taylor, Humboldt, TN
“My wife Nan and I are well satisfied with Thomas Walters Law and the expert assistance we received from John Stevens. John made the difficult process of estate planning easy for us, answering all of our questions carefully and clearly. We are very pleased with John’s professional services and with the peace of mind of knowing our plans for the future are secure.”
-Kenneth & Nan Stapleton, Huntingdon, TN
“We did not know what to expect when we first met John Stevens. He put us at ease and asked, “What do you want to do to protect you and your family?” He exceeded our demands, and went further exploring areas we had not considered. We can now rest, assured that we are protected medically and financially thanks to John Stevens.”
-Philip Edwards, McKenzie, TN
“Doing business with Mr. Stevens was a pleasure. Especially when you know nothing about setting up an estate portfolio. He was patient and answered and explained all questions to your satisfaction. After a certain amount of time, business was over for that day, and it was time to visit. He got to know some things about us and us about he.”
-Robert & Peggy Baham, Hollow Rock, TN
“For a long time, my husband and I have been concerned about our daughters’ inheritance. We have grown more concerned due to more Wills going into probate, and seeing more people go into long term care facilities and losing their homes and assets. I was referred to John Stevens by Nathan O’Bryant (who spoke highly of Mr. Stevens). My husband and I met with him, and after much contemplation, agreed that a Trust would be the best option to protect our assets and make sure our end-of-life wishes would be fulfilled. Mr. Stevens and his staff were very professional, friendly, and accommodating. The Trust was prepared in a timely manner (about a month). I would recommend John Stevens to anyone interested in avoiding probate and secure assets for their children and grandchildren. I didn’t realize that a Trust also works as a prenuptial agreement for the surviving spouse as well. A Trust is a way to avoid more costly legal fees down the road.”
-Joseph & Wanda Saputo, Milan, TN
-Robert & Jo Nell Montgomery, Scotts Hill, TN
“My wife and I wanted to keep our timberland in the family for another generation to allow it to reach its full economic potential, and also to enable our grandchildren to enjoy it as we and our children have. We had attended several state planning seminars and knew that we wanted to establish a family trust. John was the first to offer up-front pricing and was the only one where the law firm did estate work exclusive of anything else. These two facts along with John’s obvious knowledge and expertise made our decision to hire him to prepare our trust and take care of all of our final plans fairly easy. We are very pleased with our family trust. John got right on it and made us feel that he was in it for the long haul and would be our advocate if any problem ever came up. He clearly explained the legal requirements, discussed with us all of our options, and we made the decisions. We were especially impressed with the professionalism, attention to detail and the personal attention we received.”
-William & Pat Whitby, Friendship, TN
“I have reached the stage in life that there are fewer days ahead than behind and I needed to provide simplicity to heirs. Not being a native of Tennessee or having any fundamental knowledge of what would be best for me I turned to John on the recommendation of my financial advisor; this turned out to be an excellent call. John walked me through what is the best practice in Tennessee for me. Interviewing me in a brief session, John quickly and seamlessly presented a path tailored to my specific status at my current state of life. Using a template of simple to answer questions that addressed specific items that I needed to consider, like what did I want in case of life threatening emergencies, who would I like to have any assets that would outlive me, and did I have an unusual needs? The result was a package which included a simple Trust and setting up documents to avoid probate. With the executed documents I am most comfortable that when I am gone my estate will quickly be settled per my desires thanks to John and his team. I confidently recommend John Stevens as a competent attorney who will meet your best interests.”
-Robert Russell, Jackson, TN
“Our experience with John Stevens and his staff was outstanding. He made our estate planning process understandable and painless. It is complex and detailed but John walked us through each step and gave us confidence in what we were doing. Following his advice has given us a great deal of peace of mind.”
-Rick & Carole Flood, Tennessee
“I really enjoyed working with Mr. Stevens and staff. I was impressed with his knowledge of my estate planning. Could not have been a better experience. Thank you.”
-Rita Lanell Duggar, Huntingdon, TN
“We have considered various avenues as we approached our estate planning. We have not found a more thorough and efficient guide than John Stevens of Thomas Walters Law. We rest at ease having our final affairs organized in our portfolio. John’s reasonable fee is more than fair for the outstanding service and insight he provided us.”
-Corinne & John Arnold, Huntingdon, TN
“John Stevens is a family man, well-thought-of man, and I am satisfied with the job of my mother’s estate. I would refer him to anyone.”
-Nancy Carnal, Wildersville, TN
“We have been thinking for more than a year that we needed to do something about our estate. A few weeks ago, we heard John Stevens speak at a seminar and decided it was time to do something. We went to Senator Stevens’ office for a consultation and were convinced he was the best person for the job. We got him to do an Irrevocable Living Trust, and we were well pleased. He was professional, considerate, and made every effort to answer our questions and concerns. A few days ago we finalized our estate planning and we are happy to have it behind us.”
-Billy & Jane Clark, Wildersville, TN
“Recently, my son, Tim Agee, and I had John Stevens draw up an Irrevocable Trust for my estate. He had been highly recommended by my grandson. We found his suggestions to be helpful, and greatly appreciated his honesty and integrity. In a small town it’s wonderful to find someone of this quality to help you for three weeks.”
-Dorothy Agee, McLemoresville, TN
"The expertise shown by the Thomas Walters Law firm is rewarding knowing our Revocable Living Trust is complete. Knowing our needs and goals have been met. Even after our meetings we continued to have follow up questions which were answered in a timely manner. A recommendation would have been to have this done at an earlier age.”
-James & Joan Pritchett, Martin, TN\
“Having learned of your law firms’ specializing in estate planning, and your other credentials, I felt you were best qualified for our need to write our Wills.”
-Linda Zanaty, Big Sandy, Tennessee
-Robert Smiley, Nashville, TN
“John and his staff were very caring and courteous in helping me with my Mother’s affairs and estate. John treats you like a  friend, not just a client. I would recommend him to my family and friends.”
-Greg and Gisela, Palmersville, TN
“John worked with me to help our family when it became apparent that our parents had not made sufficient financial plans as they approached the time when they would no longer be able to live at home. We are pleased that with John’s help we were able to alleviate some potential problems. John has continue to help subsequently.”
-Ron, Greenfield, TN
“Justin is one of those people who is always thinking. Thinking of ways to better serve his clients and thinking of ways to attack opportunities when they arise. He does a great job of creating a collaborative environment by soliciting the best solutions to the task at hand. He has a calm, yet upbeat approach that serves him well in dealing with clients and coworkers alike. He is organized, innovative and dedicated to providing the most value possible to his clients.”
-Jeff Anderson. Allen, Texas.
“Estate planning can be a difficult subject to discuss, however Justin does an excellent job listening to the goals and wishes of his clients ensuring that everything is carried out exactly as they desire. He works with families to develop a fully comprehensive estate plan that fulfills their needs and is as simple as possible.”
-Sergio and Lacey Garcia. Addison, Texas.
“Justin is a focused and knowledgeable attorney. He is true to his client's mission and desired outcomes. His pragmatic presentation is informative, and he is one of the best speakers that I have had the pleasure of listening to. Justin is a great listener and took the time necessary to talk with me. He thinks about what I may want and worked with me to have a plan that is best for me. I will not hesitate to recommend Justin to anyone who needs an estate plane.”
-Dr. Jennifer Hill. Plano, Texas.

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Thomas Walters Estate Planning offers the advantage of a multi-state presence and attorneys dedicated to practicing solely in estate planning and estate planning related matters. Our special focus means you benefit from a vast amount of experience and knowledge in exactly what you need to plan for your future, the future of your estate and the future of your family.

When you are ready to plan out your estate, if you have been named a trustee or executor, or if you have questions about other estate planning matters -  no matter where you live, contact us! We will gladly speak with you to discuss your will, trust, estate, or probate needs.