Advantages of Special Needs Trusts for your special needs children

Receiving money through an inheritance above $2,000 will disqualify certain special-needs children from remaining qualified as a Medicaid and SSI recipient. Without planning, your child will not remain qualified for many governmental benefits they may need. Special-needs planning protects your disabled child, and allows them to inherit from you.

Your child, or loved one, may need care throughout their lifetime. Preparation allows your child to keep his or her inheritance, and avoid the mandatory spend downs, or being removed from assistance all together.

Wise and knowledgeable planning is key to avoid all of this, through the creation of a Special Needs Trust. A Special Needs Trust allows you to leave the assets intended for that child in the Trust that is designed to supplement benefits received from government programs. The Trust can pay for medical care that Medicare and Medicaid do not cover, clothing, entertainment, discretionary spending and even vacations. However, there are certain things the Trust cannot pay with the funds. Contact our office at (404) 260-1901 for help in designing a Special Needs Trust to protect your loved one. We can create the Trust to receive life insurance, retirement funds, or other assets, without creating negative repercussions.