What is “Estate Planning”, and can it prevent “Probate”?

Yes, you and your loved ones can avoid probate with the right estate plan in place.

Estate planning is the most important step you can take to protect your loved ones from the fees, hassles, and delays of going through the probate proceedings.

Estate planing ensures your ability to make your final health care and property wishes, and that your loved ones are provided for in your absence. Not only can your family avoid having to go through probate, but also you can identify who receives your property after you pass away, and ensure it goes to whom you desire as quickly as possible. You can set up at what age your children or grandchildren inherit from your estate, as well as, set up special trusts for special needs children so they do not loose out on government benefits. You can set forth your own funeral and burial arrangements, and whatever else you would like to address to make sure everything goes right in the future. Without an estate plan, your estate will be subject to the discretion of others, fees going to non-family members, and a probate process that will be an additional weight on your family. I would be happy to have this discussion with you at my office. Together, we can make an estate plan to protect your loved ones, and that perfectly matches your goals. Give me a call at (404) 260-1901 to arrange for a time to discuss a customized and comprehensive estate plan for you.