Should married couples consider re-marriage protection?

From our perspective the answer is yes.  People get remarried pretty frequently after they lose a spouse.  The only statistics we have seen show that 1 out of 9 widows remarry and 9 out of 10 widowers remarry.  And my experience with men is that they are concerned about their wife remarrying and giving everything they have got to a new husband, but from a practical standpoint, when the wife dies first, we see the husband come in and remarry between 3 months and 18 months after the wife dies.  It is very common for men to fall for a new woman and, unless you get remarriage protection in your estate plan, the new spouse can get everything the original couple owned, disinherit the children of that couple and all of the property goes to someone else. So it is very practical to make sure that your trust provides protection for your children.  If there a remarriage, maybe that is a good thing for the spouse, but you don’t have to have the entire estate up for grabs by that new spouse who ultimately may be a predator, who inherits the entire estate of the original couple and then leaves it all to their own children.  Effectively disinheriting the children of the original couple.