Testimonials for Jennifer Triplett

My wife and I have been pleased with the exceptional service provided by Mrs. Jennifer Triplett of Thomas Walters Estate Planning. She was patient with our questions, direct and focused on our concerns and needs, as well as being personable and an effective communicator. We are confident that our estate has been properly established and that with her guidance our family’s future is in good hands.
— Michael and Deborah Kelley, Carl Junction, MO
Jennifer was a pleasure to work with on our Trust. She is very personable, accommodating and professional. We are very pleased with the service we received in taking this important step in our lives. We would recommend Jennifer to all of our friends and to anyone seeking Estate Planning services.
— Earl and Joan Newman, Springfield, MO
Jennifer was very efficient and patient to answer questions. We have peace of mind knowing our estate plan is taken care of. Her and her staff are very personable people to work with; they aren’t just interested in your business, but your lives as well. Thank you Jennifer.
— Marianne Mills, Springfield, MO
We are very pleased with the estate plan Jennifer did for us. Jennifer was very professional and as we progressed with our estate plan she answered every question in language we both understood. We highly recommend Jennifer for your estate planning.
— Gene and Betty Austin, Neosho, MO
Mrs. Triplett helped us in a timely and efficient manner, explaining in detail and providing options. We would not hesitate to recommend her services to our family and friends.
— David and Susanne Meadows, Branson, MO
At our first meeting we were very impressed by Jennifer’s professional knowledge. Later, we really liked her friendly “home town girl” personality. We have recommended Jennifer Triplett to several of our friends.
— Curtis and Martha Cooper, Carthage, MO
You were very courteous and informative. We would gladly recommend you to others. Thanks!
— Marilyn and Donald Nelson, Branson, MO
I was very satisfied with the service I received from Jennifer Triplett in our recent dealings. Thank you for your service.
— Iris Yvonne Gray
My husband and I would like to thank you for all of your advice and education you shared with assisting in setting our our trusts. We could not be more pleased with your professional demeanor. We truly appreciate your organization as well....Your attention to detail will not be forgotten! During the short time of getting to know you, you have impressed us with your knowledge, education, experience, and caring attitude. You demonstrated an enviable work ethic in both your professional and personal pursuits as a legal counsel, as a mother and wife. We truly admire all that you do! The entire process has been valuable and enjoyable. The service you have provided has been top notch! We both feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from our to-do lists. We feel so accomplished to have our trusts done! Lastly, it is also a comfort to know that if we need to make changes or have questions about our trusts, your services remain available. This investment is money well spent and is worth EVERY penny!
— Joe and Rebecca Caufield, Lebanon, MO
My wife and I have been completely satisfied with the service we have received from Jennifer Triplett. We enjoyed the meal and presentation and were impressed by the knowledgeable information we were given. All of our questions and concerns were addressed and we were informed of many details and facts we were not aware of. Jennifer made a complicated process easy to understand and helped with concerns relating to our individual circumstance and family needs. We had thought often about getting our affairs lined out, but never acted on it until we took advantage of your offer. Jennifer is very professional, very helpful, and very friendly. We were also given the assurance that we will continue to have the resource of your service in the future if changes or additions may be needed.
— Leroy and Barbara Robinson, Richland, MO
We were pleased with the setting up of our trust. Jennifer is very knowledgeable about the “laws” regarding a family trust. The paperwork was very efficient, and our questions were always answered so we understood the legal terminology.
— Robert and Ruth Warren, Springfield, MO
Mrs. Triplett’s explaination of our estate options was always clear and concise. She made our choices quite easy to understand.
— Mr. and Mrs. Jack Farrow, Cassville, MO
We believe Jennifer is the best. She is willing to travel to make it easier on her clients. Her staff is willing to answer questions. We are very pleased and we have given her name to our family and friends. We trust her with everything. Looking forward to working with her in the future.
— Rick and Peggy Little, Clinton, MO
I attended a seminar in Springfield, MO put on by Jennifer Triplett. I was impressed by her presentation and decided to use her expertise to set up a trust for me to protect me and my children. I have been very pleased with the services provided by her and her law firm.
— Karen K. Crozier, Greenfield, MO
Jennifer Triplett took time to discuss what we needed in our Will and made sure we covered every detail. It was a relaxing experience. Jennifer and her staff have great personalities and knowledge to guide you through the paperwork. You will leave feeling good about your experience and know they are taking care of you.
— Dennis and Roberta Shields, Springfield, MO
We were very pleased and satisfied with the services Jennifer offered in regards to estate planning. We liked the setting that it was done in (supper-non threatening).
I felt we got to know Jennifer on a personal level, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Besides, her expertise on this subject goes above and beyond. We had no clue how to this worked and she explained things to our understanding. She was a joy to work with!
— Chuck and Sally Davey, Kimberling City, MO
Having Jennifer’s help with estate planning for our family was very comfortable setting everything up. It was something we had been putting off doing, especially the Asset Protection paperwork. She answered all of our questions thoroughly and no questions were too awkward to ask. Her office and staff are very accommodating in dealing with the paperwork. I would recommend using Jennifer for your estate planning needs.
— Stanley and Diana Sinn, Forsyth, MO
Jennifer’s office is your one-stop shop for all matters relating to putting your estate/affairs in order. She is competent and willing to go the extra mile to achieve the needed results to fit your situation.
— Hagan and Pamela Gibbs, Springfield, MO
Jennifer explains things in terms that are understandable. She is very patient and answered all of our questions. She has a professional demeanor and is very knowledgeable. She seems to really care about her clients and wants what is best for them.
— Larry and Christine Eller, Joplin, MO
Jennifer Triplett is friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable, capable of clearly explaining “legalese”, open to suggestions and she obviously enjoys using her legal competence. Jennifer is a good lawyer.
— Dr. Ellen Lissant, Clever, MO
A nice, quiet and small firm that Jennifer manages well. She is knowledgeable and fairly responsive for an attorney. She is friendly, kind and understanding in a wonderful manor that helps to ease concerns.
— Roger and Jasmin White, Marshfield, MO
The estate planning process for us was very pain free! We went to a luncheon and were presented with all of the information we needed to make the decision to create an estate plan. After a few deaths in the family recently, we knew we needed a plan for our own family. Jennifer was very knowledgeable and made us feel like this was a good decision. The process to complete was very timely and we are happy that it is complete. Jennifer and her team did all the hard work for us. We are very happy to know we have a plan set up! Thank you very much!
— Benjamin and Michelle Green, Creighton, MO
I really appreciate your guidance in helping me set up my trust. You gave me all the information I needed to make the right decisions. Your patience in explaining the legalities was extremely helpful. Thank you very much.
— Sara Ghan, Republic, MO
Jennifer did a wonderful job for us setting up our trust. We were so relieved to find such a knowledgeable and caring person to handle this for us. It is a load off of our shoulders to have it taken care of and with someone who could explain everything to us. Thank you Jennifer.
— Melvin and Phyllis Louk, Lampe, MO
I am extremely thankful for the work that Jennifer Triplett has done for me. By establishing a trust, it will avoid the time and expense of probate. I have made changes to the trust and there was no additional cost. She also prepared a quitclaim deed and recorded it. I would recommend her to anyone without reservation.
— Karen Petty, Branson, MO
Jennifer and Karrah were professionals in every aspect of updating our Trust. We felt comfortable talking with Jennifer and confident with her responses to our questions.
— Mike and Olivia Foster, Springfield, MO
Nick and I have been extremely pleased with the Trust planning advice you have helped us with. You and your staff are very professional, friendly and accommodating. Your advice and knowledge has been a great value to us.
We appreciate your patience in answering all of our questions (which I’m sure we asked over and over!) in making the important decisions. Your dedication to your clients shows and you made us feel very comfortable with your advice and the choices you helped us make!
Thank you and keep up the good work!
— Sandy and Nick Halteman, Osceola, MO
Jennifer took the time to explain why to set up a trust, what we needed to do, and how to go about it to protect our children in the event something were to happen to us. While it is never enjoyable to think about these things, it gives us peace of mind knowing our kids will be cared for. Jennifer was very easy to work with, and we would highly recommend her services. Most people do not plan to fail, they fail to plan, and Jennifer helps families avoid failure.
— Troy and Marguerite Spilde, Springfield, MO
We used Jennifer for my mom’s estate. Always very helpful and willing to work with any situation as was needed. We were so satisfied with that experience, we finally got our own affairs in order. Thanks for your help in setting everything up, especially in my mom’s situation.
— Roger and Ruth Garrison, Strafford, MO
Jennifer, thank you for making my estate planning and disposition so simple and understandable. Since moving to Missouri 2 years ago, I have been looking for an attorney I felt comfortable and confident could handle the changes and updates to my Will and Trust. When I went to your seminar in Branson this summer, your presentation convinced me that I had finally found my estate attorney. It has been an absolute delight to work with you and Karrah! Thank you again!
— Ronnie Wlcek, Branson, MO
We feel our visit was very personal and informative. The results of the estate plan turned our great. Thanks Jennifer for your help with our families needs in this area.
— Floyd and Vicky McDonnell, Springfield, MO
My wife and I highly recommend Jennifer for estate planning. We have a situation of having both of us with ex-spouses and we did not want any hassles down the road, in the even of either of our deaths. Jennifer was extremely professional and at the same time, extremely pleasant and understanding of all of our concerns. She made the whole process pain-free, and my wife and I now have complete peace of mind about our end of life concerns, both medical and financial. Thank God everything is now so clearly spelled out and it is clearly specified how things will be taken care of. I can’t say enough, how much peace of mind Jennifer has provided for us with her extensive legal knowledge. Don’t wait until things get messy, hire Jennifer now!
— Dr. and Mrs. Dean Cuebas, Springfield, MO
My wife and I reached a point in our life that a trust made a lot of sense. We attended one of Jennifer’s seminars and really liked her and what we heard. We then made the decision for Jennifer to draft our trust documents, and it was a good one. Jennifer is very personable, truly cares about doing a good job for her clients, takes the time to educate and answer questions, and we could not recommend her more highly. She’s a dandy and will do a great job for all your estate planning needs.
— Vic and Linda Davis, Springfield, MO