Testimonials for Leslie thomas

When we attended the seminar given by Leslie we were very impressed with her presentation in language all of us could understand. It was very helpful that Leslie gave us real life examples to get her information across. Leslie impressed us with her professionalism, knowledge and patience in answering people’s questions. Her sincerity about the seriousness of people planning their estates and what happens if one thinks they have plenty of time and don’t do anything hit each and every one of us at her seminar. We appreciated the fact that Leslie did not use “high pressure” tactics to get our business. She gave her presentation, told everyone about her flat rate fee that is good for a lifetime and then let everyone at the seminar decide what avenue they wanted to pursue.

When we met with her, after filing the information forms she asked for, we thought we had done all our homework but we were amazed at all the “if’s, and’s and but’s” you never consider to apply to the aftermath of a life well lived. Leslie truly walks you through all the details one needs to learn in order to “custom” one’s estate plan. Leslie is very knowledgeable in the laws governing estates. She listens to her clients’ needs and concerns to help them establish an estate plan that will be complete and give one peace of mind. Leslie and her team are very quick to assist you with any question or problems you may have. We highly recommend Leslie Thomas and her staff for all you estate planning needs.
— Andy and Sharon Mutzig
Thank you so very much for all of your help! The cost of this service was involved! It’s a “one stop shop”. Leslie Thomas is speedy, efficient, knowledgeable and reliable. She has a great sense of humor and is so easy to talk to when dealing with matters that are usually “not so fun” to speak of. She has a great response time in returning phone calls, texts and emails. For married couples, she has a “2 for 1 price” that’s even a better deal! I am an extremely satisfied client.
— Eileen Montgomery
Leslie Thomas is someone you would definitely want in your corner. She is personable, dependable, knowledgeable and highly intelligent. Leslie answered every phone call and email in a prompt manner. Very Impressive! We feel extremely confident and relaxed, knowing that we have chosen someone of her caliber to handle this endeavor. Leslie is awesome and we highly recommend her.
— Gary and Margaret Holcomb
After hearing Leslie’s estate planning presentation, it was clear that we needed help to prepare for the inevitable and make the transition as easy and cost effective as possible for our children when the time comes. Had many questions and Leslie took the time to personally answer them all. She even consulted with our financial planner to assure a comprehensive estate plan. We especially like and appreciate the Estate Planning Portfolio provided by Leslie, which contains all of our estate planning documents and step-by-step instructions for our children. Leslie made the entire estate planning process simple and easy to understand. Thanks to Leslie, we now have the peace of mind knowing that our children will be able to settle our estate quickly, with ease and save thousands of dollars in the process. We highly recommend the estate planning services of Leslie Thomas!
— Charles Horn
I am very pleased with the services of Leslie Thomas and her staff. Each call or email was answered promptly and with the utmost professionalism. Leslie is knowledgeable and made a tedious responsibility a pleasant experience. I would recommend her Estate Planning Service without reservations.
— Sharon Gillespie
We were extremely satisfied with Leslie’s service to us. We attended the seminar one evening and immediately felt confident in her knowledge and advice for what we had been concerned about for years and didn’t know the direction we should take. The process was seamless and easy. We would recommend Leslie Thomas to anyone needing help and advice to get affairs in order. She is a wonderful asset.
— Peggy Ferrell
We were very pleased with our estate planning experience with Leslie Thomas. The complete package of trusty and other estate directives was prepared quickly and all questions were answered to our satisfaction. She made the entire process very easy, and we would highly recommend her for your estate planning needs.
— Dave and Charlotte Sundstrom
Ms. Thomas was very professional, through and was able to handle the establishment of our trust plan in a very effective manner. I was very fortunate to have Ms. Thomas handle my trust and I would highly recommend her to any of my colleagues.
— Suhail Sharif, MD
We delayed having a will or estate planning done for years. Last month we received the Estate Planning invitation in the mail from Thomas Walters Law. We attended Leslie Thomas’ presentation regarding estate planning. She explained the process in about an hour, gave us a 35-page guide called “Estate Planning in Texas”, and provided several payment options. We liked the “life-time” changes at no extra charge. We gathered the info Leslie needed to draft our trust document, met with her for two hours. She answered our questions and concerns. We called Leslie with changes, she was always ready to accommodate and advise. She had the documents ready for us to review, change if necessary, and sign in about a week. We would recommend Leslie and her firm to people who need professional trust/wills.
— Norman and Bettye Pomykal
We are pleased and satisfied with the services provided by Leslie Thomas. She and her staff took care of all our estate planning needs in an efficient and timely manner. It is a huge relief to have our affairs in order!
— Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Slaughter
Leslie was wonderful to work with for all of my estate planning. She really listened to my needs and concerns. She explained everything in terms that I could understand. I wholeheartedly recommend Leslie Thomas for all of your estate planning needs.
— Linda Sawicki
Estate planning is never easy or fun. Leslie Thomas and her staff made it as easy as possible. It took less than four weeks from seminar to delivery of our portfolio. Everything is well organized and in layman’s terms.
— Pappas Family
Thomas Walters as truly been a blessing to our family in preparing, planning, and maintaining or estate for the future. Everyone was personal, professional, and knowledgeable. They truly went above and beyond in addressing our needs and explained legal terms in understandable language. We are very pleased and feel secure that our future is well planned!
— Patsy and Donald Moore
Totally professional...but regular people! TV and regular lawyers tend to intimidate. Thomas Walters keeps things simple, but they make sure you understand everything. After completing our last session signing everything, my wife and I left the office with feelings of relief and smiles. Also, at Thomas Walters, there is a feeling of mutual respect on both sides.
— Gerald and Doris Goodwin
We attended a seminar given by Thomas Walters. It was presented in such an informative way, that ninety-eight percent of our questions were answered. Everyone we dealt with was very professional and courteous. We would recommend this firm to anyone. Thanks for all you have done to help us in our estate planning.
— J. John Haydel
The knowledge that our kids won’t have to settle our estate when we pass away gives us a peace of mind. With both of us having step-children, we know that planning our estate now none of our children will be left behind, and the children will have fewer problems. Thank you for your services. We are very satisfied for the knowledge that our estate planning is done and our wishes will be carried out.
— Bryan and Lisa Brown
We expected the development of an estate plan to be difficult and complicated. Thanks to your firm, the guidance provided was stress-free and completed with ease. We highly recommend Thomas Walters and your practice to others.
— George and Rachel Weir
We were hesitant to attend the seminar, thinking that the development of an estate plan was going to be difficult, time-consuming and complicated. However, Leslie Thomas walked us through each step of the process. Everyone at the firm was professional and the entire planning process was stress-free. We are comfortable knowing we have a “Lawyer for Life” in Leslie Thomas and her firm.
— Scott and Allyson Davis
Leslie Thomas was the most efficient, personal individual we have ever worked with.  She was intelligent; very organized; extremely knowledgeable; personally caring at our home meeting; timing was quickly, signed and delivered. We were guaranteed, if ever we needed her at any time during the rest of our lives she was just a phone call away. She has our recommendation to anyone, any time. Our sincere to you thanks, Leslie, and your firm.
— Corky and Joni Warren
Leslie, we appreciate the way you handled our estate planning. You were very friendly and courteous throughout the whole process. We could not have asked for any better. We would recommend your law firm to anyone! Thank you very much!
— Margaret and Jerry Hutson
Leslie clearly explained the overall of having a Revocable Living Trust and used practical exampled to help explain the subject matter. She prepared the documents of the Living Trust based upon our requirements quickly and accurately and walked us through each step of the way to completion. Having now gotten the Living Trust, we particularly like that there will be no additional costs to pay whenever the Living Trust needs to be modified.
— Peter and Gwen Valentine
My husband and I attended one of your seminars and were so pleased as you were discussing all the things we were concerned about. Wills only versus living trusts, our future healthcare, etc...We had many concerns about Probate. We made an appointment and Leslie answered all of our questions and we were so happy and relieved that we were going with an Irrevocable Trust and all aspects that we needed. You office was just so great and we are finally comfortable with all our decisions. Thank you Leslie Thomas!
— Judith and Ted Martin
I found Leslie’s seminar to be very informative. The estate planning process was accomplished in a concise manner with all of our concerns considered. The organization of the resulting documents was excellent!
— Don Perry
Leslie Thomas of Thomas Walters Estate Planning completed my estate plan. I appreciated the expertise, efficiency and availability as Ms. Thomas and I worked out the details. The Portfolio and addendum, as needed, were added benefits. I am grateful Leslie Thomas met with my family to assure peace of mind at “time of need.” An often unpleasant task, estate planning, was made easier thanks to Leslie Thomas.
— Judy Strickland
Most people go through life ignoring estate planning, with all of those vague worries and questions about probate complications and costs that can occur. Leslie Thomas made the confusing understandable and the process simple. And we learned so much. We feel we have organized our life so that when the time comes and one of us has to face the transition from a couple to one, they will not have a mountain of issues to deal with. And in time our estate will pass on to the next generation without huge probate costs. Yesterday we learned that Chase bank will not release funds to anyone who is not listed as a co-signor, beneficiary, or listed as pay on death on an account without a probate letter of testamentary. Now who knows that? We would not have if we had not gone through estate planning with Leslie. Because we added our son to our accounts as a beneficiary, he will have no problems and, as final executor, there will be final bills that he needs to pay. Thank you Leslie. Everything we needed to do to simplify inheritance is completed. We can relax, go out, and play golf!
— Mary and Paul Kessler
We were more than pleased with the time and effort afforded us by Leslie Thomas in the structuring of our estate planning. Leslie was attentive to our questions and concerns and took the time to answer them. We look forward to continued association in the coming years and definitely recommend Leslie and her company.
— Gerry Zawadzki and Johanna Jenkins
We found Leslie to be friendly, up-beat, and pleasant and Leslie did a good job explaining things to us. The copy of her book was great to have and we can re-read it to help clear up questions, etc. The office staff was helpful setting appointments, etc. We appreciated being able to meet in Midlothian; That’s a big plus for us at this point of our lives! We have a feeling things will be easier for our family now that they will have Leslie’s guidance and expertise to help them. Thanks you!
— Antoinette B. Critser
Leslie is dedicated to helping her clients in their Estate Planning. She is very knowledgeable of business and this helps the client process in choosing the right plan for his or her family. Leslie is very prompt when changes are needed or appointments are necessary. She is very professional in her service, quick to point out to the clients anything they might want to consider, such as long term advantages that can help a client in his/her long term goals.

Leslie has a unique way of simplifying the Estate Planning process, making it really easy for her clients to understand just what they are getting for the fee charged. Whenever changes are needed to a plan, she does so in an expedition manner. She makes you aware of any mistakes that may have been made during the planning process. I am glad I chose Leslie. Now I can have satisfaction that my desires and wishes for my family are taken care of in the future to come.
— Robert L. Smith
I was pretty sure my wife and I needed to form a trust and initiate an estate plan. When we got an invitation to attend a seminar on estate planning in the mail, we decided that would be the perfect way for us to become educated in estate planning. I must say, we were not disappointed! Leslie and her assistant were very pleasant and accommodating and in the course of the seminar we learned more than enough to know we needed to move forward with estate planning and made an appointment to meet with Leslie and finalize our plan.
Leslie was very clear and down to earth in her explanation and our subsequent meetings went very smoothly and efficiently, My wife and I are still wondering why we did not initiate an estate plan much earlier in our lives,
We recommend Leslie! Do not hesitate to get started with your estate planning as soon as you start to wonder if you should!
— Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vogler
Leslie’s presentation at the dinner was excellent. The stories presented were so easy to understand what I was doing wrong. Meeting with Leslie personally, getting everything in order and in the black portfolio was such a relief. You made in so easy and I recommend Leslie to anyone!
— Caren Cawthon
Thomas Walters attorneys and Ms. Leslie Thomas completed a clear and concise estate plan for me and my wife. I was particularly pleased with the recommendation for creation of a Revocable Living Trust for our assets and the ease of transferring our personal assets in the event of our death. The information for our Trustee is clearly identified and set up to maximize the efficiency of managing our estate for the Trustee. I highly recommend their services.
— Sanford Green
We appreciate Leslie’s expertise in relating our estate planning needs in layman’s terms. Her immediate response to our questions has impressed us greatly. Just knowing she is a phone call or email away sure makes the process of estate planning less stressful.
— Bill and Carole Brimer - 2017
After listening to countless presentation and hearing Leslie’s presentation I knew she could give me the product I was looking for. Two weeks later it was done! It is now off my “bucketlist!” Thank you!
— Patricia McCain - 2017
I would like to thank you for your wonderful work on my Trust. We know you are a fantastic attorney and are glad to have you protecting our family. I am extremely satisfied with your professional temperament and attention to detail in assisting me on the trust. Thanks again for your time, efforts and most of all kindness!
— The Nguyen Family - 2017
Ms. Leslie Thomas is very knowledgeable and professional. She is well-organized and efficient. She promptly answered my many emails . She is always friendly and courteous. Thank you for your valuable assistance with our estate planning
— Shirley Sigley - 2017
Leslie handled our precise estate needs with efficiency and promptness. She is knowledgeable and experienced. The Lifetime Lawyer Program provides maximum value now and peace of mind for the years to come. Knowing that you have a highly competent professional representing your interests is a great feeling. We have found that with Thomas Walters!
— Gary and Robbin Crowell - 2017
Ms. Thomas has excellent knowledge of Texas probate, trust and estate laws. She has the ability to analyze personal family situations and tailor an estate plan that fit our needs perfectly and that will be easy for our children to administer when the need arises. I strongly recommend Ms. Thomas for everyone’s Texas estate planning needs.
— Richard Jones - 2017
I would just like to take the time to let you know of my experience with Leslie Thomas, with Thomas Walters Estate Planning attorneys. Every step along the way I was kept informed of the progress. She made it smooth, comfortable and swift. Her performance and professionalism is impeccable. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get their will/estate in order.
— Robin Baker - 2017
We enjoyed the personal and friendly attention we received in your office. What we appreciate most about your law practice is the holistic approach to the Estate Planning process. We also appreciate that your office will provide legal guidance for our beneficiaries in settling the estate, as well as legal guidance for us in planning the estate to avoid probate costs and delays.
— Jimmy & Deana Rawlings - 2017