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Dan’s personal story began in the mid-1990s, while Dan was struggling to achieve passing grades in high school. After falling behind and never seeming to get ahead, Dan ended up squeaking by and graduating from a central Indiana high school with a 1.88 GPA and second from the bottom of his graduating class (while also failing senior English). After receiving rejection letters from many different colleges, Dan was accepted to a two-year junior college in South Bend, Indiana called Holy Cross College. It was at Holy Cross that Dan learned in order to succeed in life he was going to have to work ten times harder than everyone else (and that is exactly what he did).

During Dan’s time at Holy Cross he developed a passion for reading and the law. In fact, to this day, Dan still reads a book a week (sometimes more). Two years later, Dan graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts, and moved on to Purdue University and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and English. Although Dan had accomplished more than anyone (even himself) expected, his journey was not over. Dan’s passion that he developed at Holy Cross led him to wanting to become an estate planning, business, and tax attorney.

However, being unable to afford to go to law school, Dan took a job in sales with a rental car company in Cincinnati, Ohio and began saving every extra penny he had in order to achieve his dream of going to law school and becoming a practicing attorney. Finally, two and a half years later, Dan enrolled at the University of Dayton School of Law, graduated from law school a semester early in an accelerated program, and began practicing law with a small criminal defense law firm in Dayton, Ohio. Dan then moved to a mid-sized law firm in Cincinnati, Ohio practicing criminal defense, civil litigation, bankruptcy, and estate planning. Although, from the early years at Holy Cross, Dan knew that he always wanted to be an estate planning, business, and tax attorney.

As life would have it, an opportunity for Dan and his wife brought them with their then 2-month old son, to Nashville, Tennessee. Dan joined an estate planning law firm in Nashville, Tennessee and grew a very successful law practice. Dan’s law practice was booming, it was growing, and there was no end in sight. Dan had accomplished his dream … and then, one day, it was all over. The law firm that Dan worked for at the time, suddenly and unexpectedly decided to downsize employees and laid off 52 employees (including Dan) in one morning. 

However, this was a blessing in disguise for Dan. It allowed him to free himself from the constraints of working for someone else, and Dan started his own law firm with several other business partners to establish Thomas Walters Law, a multi-state law firm with a presence throughout the South focused entirely on estate planning and estate settlement.

Today, Dan is an estate planning attorney with Thomas Walters, and manages the Franklin, Tennessee office. Dan also has offices in Murfreesboro and Knoxville. Dan resides in Spring Hill, Tennessee with his wife, Catherine, and their son, William. In his downtime, Dan enjoys running, reading, creative writing, music, and is an enthusiast of American Civil War history. Dan enjoys traveling, spending time with his family, attending college and NFL football games, and watching live music in and around the Nashville area.

Dan’s law practice focuses on helping seniors, families, individuals with disabilities, and small business owners, and their families make informed decisions during some of life’s most important moments.

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